Negative Assets: Punk Lit Zine – Issue #2 (Print)


Negative Assets Issue #2 features tales of fiction, nonfiction, horror, coffee, and comics!

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Negative Assets Issue #2 features a wider range of writers from the UK and USA, and brings different perspectives to the collection. It holds works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and musical review.

Two columns debuted with this issue: “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” the struggles with group home youth , told through the perspective of a college student working and group home staff.

The second is “Baldur’s Brews,” the explorations of a mechanical engineer in love with coffee, and his passion for finding interesting ways to make coffee better, and be more involved with the process, from bean to mug.

Issue #2 also features the first of the new comic serial killer series, “Serial Joe,” written and illustrated by Douglas Peyton.

Featured Writers: Luis Balderrama, Harmony Hertzog, Martin Appleby, Adam Gilson, Taylor Farner, Nic de Sena, Jamie Elmer, Zachary Valladon, Douglas Peyton, and Gordon Robertson.

Featured Artists: Michael Ishibashi, Harmony Hertzog, Taylor Farner, Douglas Peyton

Front and Rear-cover photography by Harmony Hertzog.
Layout and production by Taylor Farner.
Editing by Taylor Farner, Harmony Hertzog, Andrea Harsma, Douglas Peyton, Heidi Dreiling.
All writers and artists maintain full rights to their work. Negative Assets: Punk Lit Zine does not claim rights to any of it’s contents.